The incredible flexibility of concrete allows it to take on the colors, textures and shapes of other materials. Typically, itís done at a fraction of the cost and offers superior long-term performance.  
   Concrete can be coloured and stamped to simulate other materials such as natural stone (granite, slate, cobblestone, etc.) or brick, at half the cost of using the real thing. If you were to use masonry stone or brick, a concrete foundation or slab must be poured first. The stone or brick would then be installed and  mortared. With stamped concrete, only concrete is used so there is less invested in materials and labour. 
   This process involves pressing three-dimensional patterns into colour concrete with specialized tools. The finished product combines the durability of concrete with the look of fine masonry. Patterns can be combined to create decorative borders and designs.

Stamped driveway and enerance with boarders and colours

Application of a stamping process

Textured floor that has been coloured and cut for the tile look

Dante's restaurant textured floor coloured with dark cream hardener

A combination of stamps and colours create this effect

   Base color is achieved through integral color pigments in the concrete mix or a surface treated with color hardeners. A powdered color release agent is used in the stamping process which insures maximum surface detail while providing a second color for surface highlights. Special acrylic or epoxy base sealer added in the curing process provides full color depth and richness with maximum concrete protection.

   Color Hardener gives the surface excellent wear resistance and superior concrete stamping characteristics. Color Hardener builds in color and durability and eliminates the cost of periodically painting the surface. The surface is more durable for heavy traffic areas.

   Custom Mixes are another way of increasing the durability of concrete. This may be done to insure less cracking under heavy frost / thaw climates, for special weight bearing applications or for heavy traffic areas. This can be done by increasing the MPA of the concrete and or adding additives and special fillers to the concrete. SCF Concrete is always happy to quote a concrete mix that will best suit your project to give the best possible results.

   Below are some of the patterns for stamps and textures available. The colour chart shown here only as a representation of colours available. A true colour chart would be shown before your project is started.
   By combining patterns, textures, and colours the creative possibilities are almost endless. You can view our Photo Page to see more additional work completed by SCF Concrete. This will also give you a chance to view more ideas that can help you decide on your unique project! 

For concrete Colour chart click here

For Hardener (Release Colours) here

Stamp Patterns

Flower Rock
White Dark Brown

River Stone
Adobe Buff & Drk Brown

Philly Bluestone
Philly Blue Drk Gray

White with Drk Brown

Slate Tile
Sun Buff / Dark Brown

Wood Plank
Pewter with Dark Gray

Running Bond Cobbie Granite

Notched Ashler Slate
Pewter with Drk Gray

Herringbone Slate
Sable with Drk Gray

Notched English
Seafoam Gray / Drk Gray

Herringstone Used Brick

Rock Garden
Sable / Drk Gray

Belian Basket Weave
Brick Red / Dark Gray

River Rock
Sand Buff / Dark

Old English Slate

Philly Bluestone
Philly Blue Dark Gray

Euro Fieldstone
Sable / Dark Brown

Old London Mermaid Granite
Slate / Dark Gray

5x5 Slate Skin

Lisbon Granite
White / Dark Brown

Belgian Fan

Colour Charts